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09/11/19<br />
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Hikers place memorial crosses.<br />
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Surrounded by fresh overnight snow, hikers gather, in one of the remotest areas of the Derbyshire Peak District, for a two minute silence and to lay wreaths and crosses on the wreckage of an American RB29 bomber, known  as ‘Over-Exposed’ which crashed on Bleaklow Moor near Higher Shelf Stones, killing all thirteen crew in November 1948. Piles of twisted metal have been piled up to form a makeshift memorial that lies next to whole engines, pieces of fuselage, wings, wheels and other twisted parts of aluminium that have lain on the moors for  71 years.<br />
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Today prayers were said, a harmonica player performed the Last Post and Taps (the US equivalent) and members of the Woodhead Mountain Rescue teams remembered their forbears who were first to arrive at the crash scene after the bomber descended in low cloud hitting the high peak.<br />
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