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26/07/11...L/R: Oscar (barn owl), Morgana (great grey owl), Bandit (spectacle owl)...Three owlets wait patiently to begin their flying career. The birds, who are so ugly only their mothers could possibly love them, will take to the air for the first time in the next few days..Once the birds are airborne it should only take six weeks to train them to fly. Then they will become the star Halloween attraction at Warwick Castle. Known collectively as a Wisdom or Parliament of owls, they will learn to flap around the ramparts in a display that will explore the folklore behind owls' spooky reputation..Falconer Chris O'Donnell, who runs Hawk Experience and trains the birds of prey at Warwick Castle said: "They are all about six or seven weeks old and will start flying any day.."Owls have been associated with death since Roman times when hearing the hoot of an owl indicated an imminent death.."These three birds were all captive bred in the UK by friends of mine - they're very inquisitive at the moment - especially Morgana who's into everything.".Ten Owl Facts:.1/ In ancient Greece, owls were often seen as a symbol of good fortune - the idea of the 'wise old owl' may have come into being from the association of the Little Owl with the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athene..2/ Owls are one of the oldest species of vertebrate animal in existence, fossils have been found dating back 60 million years, showing the bird to have changed very little in that time.3/In Malaya it was believed that owls ate new-born babies, the Swahili believed that owls brought sickness to children, in Arabia it was believed that owls were evil spirits that carried children off in the night..4/In Arabia it was thought that each female owl laid two eggs - one with the power to make hair fall out, the other with the power to restore it..5/In Algeria, it was believed that if the right eye of an Eagle Owl was placed in the hand of a sleeping woman, that she would tell everything you wanted to know.6/In Yorkshire