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02/04/19<br />
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Hoping for a truly vintage year in his garden, Pete Tye, 49, uses smoke to protect his rhododendrons and azaleas from a forecast frost at Lea Gardens, near Matlock, Derbyshire.  <br />
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With freezing temperatures and snow predicted, Pete said: “In French vineyards they use smoke to move the air around to stop frost damage so we thought we’d give it a go here too. It’s impossible to protect the whole four-and-a-half acre garden, but I want to try and save the main areas of early colour and buds if I can. I’ll be keeping my eye on the temperature and will be out here with my smoker in my pyjamas at dawn again over the next few mornings if I need to.”<br />
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Pete is using a home-made chiminea and burning last year’s leaves to create the smoke.<br />
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