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22/09/17<br />
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Winatts Pass - a steep-sided gorge located high up in the  Peak District - is illuminated using  blue lasers and smoke as artist Daan Roosegaarde re-imagines how the pass would look if water and waves once again flowed between the hillsides. WATERLICHT is the showcase installation for the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) festival where artists will exhibit in many other locations down mines and inside caves in the Derbyshire town of Castleton from Thu 21st to Sat 23rd Sep 2017<br />
each evening from 7pm to 11pm.<br />
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Set in the dramatic v-shaped valley of Winnats Pass that acts as a gateway into Castleton and the Hope Valley, WATERLICHT will virtually flood Winnats Pass with light and smoke to reveal the geological formations of the site and its history as a valley once submerged under a tropical sea. Stretching back into the times of the Ice Age, when glacial rivers carved the landscape, WATERLICHT will visualise how high the water level could reach without human intervention. Created using the latest LED technology, software and lenses, audiences will be able to see historical water levels.<br />
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Bring your devices and headphones for a fully immersive experience. The work will be accompanied by a newly commissioned soundscape that looks to the fascinating geology and heritage of the site and its relationship with water.<br />
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