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24/07/16<br />
***WITH PICS***<br />
By Carolyn Bointon<br />
<br />
The King of Rock and Roll is back! Sort of. <br />
<br />
A bush looking exactly like Elvis is leaving visitors ‘All Shook Up” at the amazing similarly to the popular 1950’s singer and actor.<br />
<br />
The topiary bush, in Milford, Derbyshire, was originally the work of Elvis-fan David Wright, who created the lookalike shrub some 20 years ago.<br />
<br />
Sadly he died four years ago, but his wife Bridget has carried on the Elvis-like pruning, and this year is opening her garden to the public to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.<br />
<br />
ends.<br />
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