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Picture dated 06/03/13 shows David Westcott-Walker (40) behind the counter of his traditional sweet shop, Edward and Vintage, Tissington, Derbyshire.....Full Copy here: future is looking more than just a little sweet for a vintage sweet shop owner who is in the running to become Britain's Best Vintage Shop of the Year......The tiny shop is like a museum exhibiting confectionery from a bygone era. Walking in to Edward and Vintage in the village of Tissington, Derbyshire is like stepping out of a time machine that has traveled back sixty years....The shelves are stacked from floor to ceiling with glass jars full of sweets. Each jar has a handwritten label and every name ignites another childhood memory; Pear Drops, Rosy Apples, Lions Wine Gums and Sherbert Lemons are just a few of more than 350 different chunks of nostalgia being sold by the bag....It's not only the sweets, fudge and chocolates that are old fashioned. Everything in the shop helps to keep you believing you're in the 1940s - from an old wireless that plays Glen Miller, to the 1920s shop telephone and the antique till that still rings up the prices in old money....All Rights Reserved - F Stop Press. Tel: +44 (0)1335 300098.