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28/03/16 <br />
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Glitter near Buxton.<br />
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Holiday makers camping in the Derbyshire Peak District woke up to an unexpected white blanket this morning, thanks to Storm Katie.<br />
The covering of snow meant that many campers cut short their plans for a long weekend away, to brave the icy roads and head home early on Monday morning.<br />
But it wasn’t all bad news for some of the younger guests at Grin Low Caravan Site in Buxton.<br />
Three-year-old Greta Williams made the most of the morning’s surprise by building a snowman and enjoying snowball fights with her aunt Claire Jones. <br />
Claire said it was the first time she had been camping in the snow. <br />
“It was completely unexpected but it’s made it a trip to remember,”she said. <br />
“Greta really enjoyed making the snowman, but I think we’ll head back home now in case any more falls.”<br />
For Chris and Lorraine McCoy the first they knew of the snow was when they woke up and stuck their heads out of their tent.<br />
They had travelled to Buxton from Warwickshire with their four-year-old son Joe, to enjoy a weekend break.<br />
“It’s all part of the adventure,” said Chris. “It’s a bit cold in the tent but we’ll soon warm up, and it’s made the surrounding countryside really beautiful.”<br />
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