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12/02/13 ..Players reach for the ball in the annual Royal Shrovetide Football match in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. ..Shrovetide Football is played every Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Unlike a conventional football match this game is played over two eight hour periods, the goals are three miles apart and there are very few rules...The leather ball which has a cork inner is 'turned up' from a stone plinth on Shaw Croft car park in Ashbourne town centre. The ball is thrown into the air and into the 'hug', a large group of players who try to move the ball to their goal by pushing against the opposition...Your team depends on which side of the Henmore brooke you were born on, those born on the South are Down'ards and try to goal the ball at the old Clifton Mill. Those born on the North are Up'ards and try to goal the ball at the old Sturston Mill...All Rights Reserved - F Stop Press. Tel: +44 (0)1335 300098.