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18/10/12 ..Salmon jump the weir at Ellastone, on The River Dove on their way upstream to spawn...After hundreds of years of pollution an English river has seen the successful reintroduction of salmon to its waters...Fish are once again leaping up the weirs on the The River Dove which runs along the Derbyshire and Staffordshire border. ..Similar to story in the film 'Salmon Fishing in The Yemen', young salmon, known as parr, were first put into the Dove in 1998. ..The fish jumping the weir at Ellastone, near Ashbourne yesterday would have gone to sea in Spring 2009 and have spent two winters at sea before undertaking the mammoth 2000 mile journey back across the Atlantic over the course of the last year. .Small numbers of salmon were first spotted returning to the Dove ten years ago, but numbers have grown each year. Yesterday hundreds of adult fish were seen heading up-stream to spawning grounds high up in the Peak District..One man who came to watch the spectacle yesterday said: ?When I was a boy my father told me that there'd never be salmon in the dove in his or my lifetime. He dead now but here I am seeing them - it's truly amazing?..Young fish are still being put into the river each year and work is being done to create fish ladders or passes at many weirs along the river Trent and Dove to help the fish on their journey. ?Salmon can leap waterfalls but weirs can be more of a problem. The salmon tend to leap into the face of the weir and, if they are not knocked out, swim hard to try and get up. The problem is that there is often too much white water for their tails to gain purchase and so, more often than not, they are washed back down again and again....All Rights Reserved - F Stop Press. Tel: +44 (0)1335 300098.Copyrighted Image. Fees charged will reflect previously agreed terms or space rates for individual publications, states or country.